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Small Business Website Solutions

With many businesses moving entirely online it’s becoming harder for small businesses to compete with large corporations. To compete, small businesses need development skills from someone that can make business-oriented decisions. I help my clients develop solutions for their evolving business needs.








For the past twenty years I’ve been crafting websites and a variety of technical solutions for small to large businesses. I always have a focus on what will bring each individual business the best ROI and what solutions will grow with them.


I’ve integrated many marketing automations, helped craft marketing strategies, and set up ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Pinterest, and more.

Business Strategy

Sometimes small, and even larger businesses aren’t sure what the next best move is. I’ve helped direct strategies that have significantly increased online revenues. I develop a deep understanding of the businesses I work with and have been able to also make product suggestions because I understand technical aspects of the business, software developemnt, and online sales. 


Showcase your business by capturing high quality images that make you stand out.

Product Photography
LessonLogs - An app that lets students and teachers communicate between lessons.

LessonLogs – Full Stack Development using Angular and Firebase


Front End

I started working with vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS from the start and have maintained cutting edge understanding of these technologies over time. When new javascript libraries emerge I dive in straight away to learn. I’ve worked with Angular, React, and other javascript libraries. I’ve also kept up with caching, speed, and other front end aspects dealing with the loading of pages.


I’ve worked with a variety of middleware solutions and used them to develop ReactJS apps, AngularJS apps, and more.


My greatest strengths are front end and middleware but I’ve also worked quite a bit with backend development. I’ve worked with databases such as mysql, postgres, firebase, etc. I’m a quick study if there is a technology I haven’t worked with yet. I’ve also built and implemented a variety of API’s.

CMS Solutions

I work with many small businesses where WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace solutions are the best fit. I’ve done everything from quick theme setups on these platforms to custom instaslations. I’ve also built web apps to run along side these installs to provide custom tools to the business that improve workflow and save time.

Business Strategy

Deep Understanding

You could hire a developer to code but that only gets you so far. You need someone that is in it to win. I can do the coding, but I bring far more to the table. I will develop a deep understanding of your business and evaluate all technical solutions available so I can help you craft the best solution possible.

Wordpress, Shopify, SquareSpace Development

Buffalo Billfold Company – Handmade Bison Leather Goods, Made in USA.

Sell Online

Wordpress + Woocommerce

We can worked together and create a custom wordpress + woocommerce install that helps you sell your products or services online and in person using a POS system.


Shopify gives you an end to end e-commerce and retail solution that will help your business grow. I can help you design and develop a Shopify website keeping focus on both UX, UI, and SEO.


Creating a squarespace website can help your business sell online and in person. We can design the site to give your customers a great shopping experience.

Let’s Build Something

Interested in hearing more? I’m happy to chat. Send me a message and we’ll figure out what I might be able to do for you.

Noah Keitel

I’ve been developing software business solutions for over twenty years and am excited to better understand your business and your needs.

Web Development


Business Strategy
E-Commerce Solutions